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Hello, and thank you for deciding to submit some fics to us! Please understand that we must first read the fic before we post it, though, and some submissions will be turned down if they do not meet certain standards and/or break one of the rules I set on this blog. Other than that, we greatly appreciate any of your recommendations! Also, please read “About This Blog” to know what we will and will not post. And please check our Masterlist/Index to see what has/has not been posted, to make sure your recommendation isn’t already on here.

When recommending, please provide us a link at the least. We would like to see the genres, rating, summary, warnings, etc., too, but you do not necessarily have to provide them, as we can find them ourselves.

(Oneshots will be looked over faster than multi-chapters, just a heads up. But we do like to read both nonetheless. Multi-chapters just take longer because there’s more reading to do, but they’re really nice to receive on our behalf.)

Thank you!