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EunHae Fanfic Recommendation:

Title: Closer to the Edge
Rating: PG
Genre: NonAU. General. Romance. Angst?
Length: OneShot.
Summary: Donghae-centric. Donghae dreams about a vacant future in Seoul, and finds himself living an unexistent present of unrealizable hopes and pleads.

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Title: Marble Sounds
Rating: PG-13
Genre: NonAU. General. Slight!Angst. Romance.
Length: OneShot.
Summary: Eunhyuk-Centric. They are living in a marvelous world of created illusions and fallacies, without caring of forgetten wives and homes.

(Note: … well I dunno how to describe my feelings towards this, but damn. Just damn. They’re worth the read… and they have happy endings. /cough. So I’m happy :D Thanks to the anonymous who submitted both of these ^^ They complement each other, so I’ll just post them together. Oh, and they’re HaeHyuk~ — Admin Amy.)