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Anonymous sent: Hi! Could you help me find a kyumin fanfic that I lost? There was Sungmin who was a songwriter and he lived in a big dirty house lol and kyuhyun was hired as a cleaner in his house and later on Kyu started to have feelings for him ... I think the creator was still writing so I want to read the new chapters but I lost it! :( please help me!

Hi :) the story you’re looking for is Love Dust by vic_aino. Enjoy \o/

— Admin Han

EunHae Fanfic Recommendation

Title: The Letters From That Boy
Rating: PG-13.
Genre: Fluff. Romance. Humor. AU.
Length: Multi-Chaptered.
Summary: Because Hyukjae has signed in the penpal club of his high school some time ago and forgot to quit, he receives a letter from an anonymous student. He writes back and starts a slow frendship, thinking it’s not so bad. And then inadvertently falls in love with this very same person.

Except this guy is Donghae and he’s supposed to hate him?

(Note: I like how this story is turning out, it’s pretty funny and you do get hooked! I hope you enjoy it :) And for those that were asking for some high-school fics, here you go. I’m reading a few more and I will keep recommending them. — Admin Laila)

EunHae Fanfic Recommendation

Title: Second Childhood
Rating: PG-13 
Genre: Fluff. Romance. Drama. AU.
Length: Multi-Chaptered.
Summary: They met just as little boys do, over action figurines and imaginary explosions. What they don’t expect is for it to last.

(Note: I took a long time recommending this one, and I’m so sorry. This one if great! Really fluffy and funny at times. I loved the beginning and I loved the end. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. ^.^ - Admin Laila

Anonymous sent: i once read this fanfic about eunhyuk and donghae omg i cant find it again and now i feel like dying its this fic where eunhyuk and donghae were writing notes in orange and blue pen and they used to know each other in kindergarten or something and the whole school hated donghae cse he's me , pleaseeeeeeee??

Hi there :) Yes I just read this story and I loved it too. It’s called scribbles and scrawls. I recently recommended it here so here is the link to that post ^^

- Admin Alia

EunHae Fanfic Recommendation

Title: scribbles & scrawls
Rating: R.(just for the last chapter)
Genre: Fluff. Romance. Drama. (Mild)Angst. AU.
Length: (Short) Multi-Chaptered.
Summary: Donghae and Eunhyuk pass notes during class.

(Note: Very cute and fluffy but there is decent angst to balance it out and I really enjoyed it. It’s also written by one of my favourite authors so I loved it even more. It’s just really lovely to see how their friendship develops throughout the story and although its not long I didn’t really feel like it was rushed at all. However I should say that this story is subscriber-locked so if you don’t have an AFF account I’m afraid you won’t be able to read this. Anyway I hope you all enjoy it ^^ - Admin Alia)

Anonymous sent: I think, I read something, in which Donghae and Eunhyuk didn't know each other, but then they were writing to each other emails? I think it was due to some advert somewhere... I don't remember more o: Does anyone know what it is? xD

Hi darling anon! I think the fic you’re looking for is  To Whom It May Concern by poisonpickles & tees2mai. If it is not, please feel free to tell us so that we can keep looking! :)

- Admin Laila

idsuperyourjunior sent: Hey guys, for the life of me I can't find this eunhae fic that I love and it's killing me. It's a simple (very smutty) oneshot. Donghae and Eunhyuk finish an I Wanna Love You performance and are really mean to each other backstage and they argue which ends up with them having really intense hate sex. In the end it says straight out they used to be together and kind of hints that they still love each other and its great agshjvdhsef. Help me out?

Hey there! I have a feeling that you are talking about Don’t Wanna Love You  by strawberrymyeolchi. If it’s not please feel free to tell me and I’ll keep looking through my bookmarks and AFF. :)

- Admin Laila


Hello everybody ~ We decided to bring something Amy and the others admin used to do, if you’d like to check it out here’s the lists: one/two. We made a list of our favorite authors, each one of us chose two authors of our liking and this means that all of their fics are incredible and worthy of your time :) But this doesn’t mean that there aren’t way more authors we love! On the contrary, it was so hard to just pick two. We love you all! So enjoy and send lots of love for them ~

author: veezhi
pairing: KyuMin
why? I simply love this author, everything she writes is just amazing and impeccable. I remember when I first stumbled on her livejournal, I felt like I discovered a mine of gold, her fics are that good! She is incredibly talented and there are one-shots, two-shots, even multichaptered fics in her masterlist. I’ve already recommended a lot of her fics in here and it’s totally worth giving her a chance <3 — Admin Miyah

author: autumn-nights
pairing: KyuMin, but there’s everything tbh, lots of different SuJu pairings.
why? I’ve already talked about this author here a couple of times and her writing skills are amazing. One of my favorites authors in this fandom <3 You will not only find KyuMin, but lots of others pairings, and all of her fanfics worth checking out, even the pairings that aren’t your favorite, just because of the awesome plots and writing :) — Admin Miyah

author: viranight
pairing: KyuMin
why? Her plots. They’re brilliant and hook you in so well that you find yourself reading and reading, and the next thing you know it’s 3am and you feel like an addict. She’s great with words, and her writing style is clean and enjoyable. Not to mention that one of her fics really opened me up to the supernatural genre, something of which she writes with fantastic conviction. — Admin Han

author: topsyhobby
pairing: KyuMin
why? Talk about awesome writing. She doesn’t beat around the bush, and her style is often quite short and to the point, but it’s actually kind of refreshing. And, I’ve found, the shortness of her descriptions makes the story easy to follow. Not to mention her plot lines; she has a talent for angst, and I know for a fact that it has a lot of her readers sitting impatiently or anxiously for the next chapter of her stories. She incorporates great intensity into just one sentence, which is something hard to come by nowadays. — Admin Han

author: pandaocean
pairing: EunHae
why? His ability to describe things. If something can hook me in a story is the descriptions of places, things, food, people, scenes, personalities, etc. And Charlie can write some pretty darn good descriptions that made me feel as if I was watching the scene before my eyes. His plots are really good, they hook you just like with his marvelous way with words. I remember that I couldn’t stop reading because of how he knew to keep an order and to include everything that a story needs to keep you going. He keeps the personalities of the characters where they should be, what I mean by this is that he doesn’t make drastic changes to anyone’s personalities. He’s a great author and a pretty well known one in the fandom. So if you haven’t checked his stories out, I don’t know what you’re waiting for!

His stories aren’t in his AFF page because it’s blocked to friends only but his stories are accessible even if you are not his friend, so if you enter any of his stories you will be able to access others through the sidebar. That’s why I’m linking you to one of his stories instead of to his AFF profile. — Admin Laila

author: emii_vipelf
pairing: EunHae (and KyuMin)
why? As I said in the last author rec, descriptions. Descriptions are the way into my heart and this author knows how to describe the situation perfectly, from the feelings that one of the characters is experiencing to the way someone is dressed and even the smallest stain. The way she doesn’t rush a thing makes her one of my favourite authors. And the stories related with mental disorders are actually my favourite, because to describe a mental illness you have to have a talent. Writing and describing what someone with a mental disorder is experiencing is really hard because authors tend to fall into fallacies and they write a mental illness completely wrong. But this author knows how to write them and as you read you can see that she has done her research. Her stories brought me goosebumps and I just couldn’t let the tablet go when I was reading her fanfics. She has written many fanfics that have been recommended here and I bet that just like me, many of you adore her plot lines. If you haven’t read her, I truly recommend you to go ahead and take my word when I say you won’t regret it. — Admin Laila

author: voodoobaby
pairing: EunHae (and KyuMin)
why? I have yet to read one of her fics that I am unhappy with. Her plots are always interesting whether she is doing a cliche highschool fic with a nerdy Hyuk or an entirely new universe. One thing that is for sure is that she always writes very nicely. She writes generally funny stories but always with a good plot that carries it through and, I’m not going to lie, has often had me in tears whilst laughing. I’d say she is relatively well known in the fandom but if you haven’t checked her out, it is definitely worth it. — Admin Alia

author: donghaeyah
pairing: EunHae
why? I love every single one of her stories. She often writes mostly one or twoshots so her work is lovely to read if you just want a small fic before bed or something. Her longer ones are also really great because they are great grammatically and plot-wise (in my opinion). She takes some of the cliches and does them really nicely which I love. However I will say that most of her fics are subscriber only so if you don’t have an AFF account you probably won’t like her. — Admin Alia

— the admins

blueoceanbrazil sent: I'm kind of sad right now with all this happenings... And all that angst fics didn't help at all :P can you guys recommend some really fluffy and good kyumin fics just for make my day better ;P love you .. Awesome blog

No problem. A few are rather short, but here are some light, romantic (and very cheesy, brace yourself) stories to brighten up your day. ^_^ 


Hope that you enjoy!

— Admin Han

Anonymous sent: When you're recommending fics, can you please give a warning if the fic is incomplete and hasn't been updated in ages? I just started reading 'Watch Over Me' on the Admins' Favourites page and am literally in emotional meltdown mode because I just realised it hasn't been updated since August 2012... T^T

Hello ~ And we always warn if the fic is complete or not in the posts. But I guess this time the admin forgot :( We haven’t updated the favorites for a long time and it was really messy, but don’t worry, I’ve already took care of that. But I’m sorry for the inconvenience, darling, I understand you, when I get into a fic and see that it’s not updated in ages I get very disappointed too :(

— Admin Miyah