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Anonymous sent: Hi, I'm really desperate to find this story that I've read ages ago. Its eunhae, where hae cheated on hyuk with kibum and they broke up, but hae realizes his mistake and beg for forgiveness, hyuk forgave and gave them a chance, but he can't forget all the hurt hae given, in the end he settle for sungminnie, but the very end they are still together... lol, funny how i can remember the plot so well but not the name. Sorry for the rant ><

Hey there!!! Sure I know it, one of my favorite cheating fics actually :)

It’s called Ambivalence and it has a sequel. - Admin Laila 

Anonymous sent: Please, even if you don't know fics, can't you post our questions to see if other people can't answer ?

We did one last week for Kyumin fics. Are you after an Eunhae list of fic questions? Because I could organise it for you, if you’d like. - Admin Han

sallybates91 sent: Hi I was wondering if you could help me. I'm looking for a fic I read a while ago. Pretty sure it was kyumin but other couples were included. It was set in the military and sungmin and ryeowook would perv on high ranked people like yesung and eventually kyu and sungmin get together and there is a ball/party at some point and I think that's all I can remember :( do you know which fic it is? I love your page btw always look through to find something to read!

You’re looking for Atten…tion! by paperhunter :) Now, you can find it here on AFF, but it’s friend-locked. You can also find it on her LJ community, which is here, but you’ll have to comment and ask to join before you can read it. Hope that helps :) - Admin Han

Anonymous sent: Hi, can you help me look for a fic? It's a Kyumin fic where Kyu goes to a restaurant where Sungmin is working and he does weird things to try to get Sungmin to notice him? I think he makes Min go to jail too. I forgot to save it and I haven't finished the story!!!! Thank you

Hi :) you’re looking for The Regular by tolein. Enjoy ^^ - Admin Han

Anonymous sent: Ahh.. I see. It's a story about Hyuk, Min and Hae. They were bestfriends since kids and Hyuk and Min is brothers. While Hae likes Min, Hyuk likes Hae. So when Hae and his family move to another country, he always send email(?) to Min but Hyuk is the one who reply to all of his email because Min don't like hae. Hihi, this is part of the beginning of the story. I hope you can help me find it :3

Hey guys does anyone know this story? Does it ring a bell? :) - Admin Laila

Anonymous sent: Hello. Do you guys will not reply to question if you guys doesn't know the story? cause I've sent a question about Eunhae fanfic and I'm sure the story is not mpreg or somthing.

Usually if we haven’t answered it it’s because we haven’t been able to find the story. Do you mind sending your question again, darling? This way I’ll post it and see if someone knows of the fic you’re looking for. - Admin Laila

Eunhae Fanfic Recommendation

Title: 1951 (Subscribers-Only)
Rating: R.
Genre: AU. Angst. Romance. Fluff. Smut. 
Length: One-shot.
Summary: Placed inside of his teacher’s storage room was a single painting of a young man with no name and no history. He wondered if the painting was made to preserve the man’s beauty, and he wondered if the painter fell in love with the person in the paiting as much as he did.

(Note: Before you begin reading it, I must say that the fic has grammar mistakes, with that being said let me tell you that this fic is really good if you decide to not pay attention to the mistakes. It had me hooked and I loved the way the author kept switching between both time spaces. She has a way to describe things that also had me hooked. I know I said it’s a one-shot (because the author describes it as one) but it’s divided in two chapters because it’s pretty extensive. Hope you like it!

P.S. Thank you so much to the anon that recommended it! - Admin Laila)


Kyumin Requests/Searching for specific stories

Alright, I’ve been wracking my brain trying to find/think of these fics, and I’m getting nowhere D: If any of you know what these are, please shoot a message in our direction, you’d be helping out a heap :) Thankyou! — Admin Han

3: The third is Mine by minglocked, thankyou to rainbowosha for letting us know :)

Eunhae Fanfic Recommendation

Title: Doubles
Rating: PG-13.
Genre: AU. Angst. Romance. Friendship. 
Length: Two-shot.
Summary: There’s something different about Hyukjae’s friend.

(Note: Remember how I told you I was a sucker for psychological fics? Here you go. GREAT FIC! The author truly did her research and even if you realize it from the very beginning it’s interesting reading how everything unfolds. Hope you enjoy it ‘cause I certainly did. - Admin Laila)

Anonymous sent: Sorry if i may come out as rude, but I send a lot of recommendation in but none of them are ever posted. Do you not read the submission or do you find all of them bad? Because i submit recommendation about stories that i think were amazing and deserve recognition too but i never get to see them :/ But it is your blog so you are free to do anything you want. Thank you anyway.

We are so sorry darling, most of the recs we have received are mpreg or genderswitch and we don’t recommend those. If you did not recommend this type of fics, then I’m guessing they could’ve been lost in the inbox or we didn’t receive them at all. I know that tumblr has this thing where if a person sends more than a certain amount of inboxes then they block them as spam. So that could be it. Please, i beg you, if yours weren’t mpreg or genderswitch send us your recs once again and I’ll see it through that we read them. I’m actually reading two really good eunhae fanfic recs right now, one of those could be yours. :) 

P.S. I would love if you came off anon to know who is sending the recs and see if you’re not blocked. If you don’t feel comfortable coming off anon, then it’s alright. - Admin Laila