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Tree Huggers

  • Rating: R.
  • Genre: AU. Fantasy. Fluff. Romance. Angst. Smut.
  • Length: Two-Shot.
  • Summary: Donghae doesn’t realize he’s been destroying something very precious until he meets Hyukjae, someone who crashes into his life and changes it in less than twenty four hours.

Beyond Innocence

  • Rating: PG-13 to NC-17.
  • Genre: AU. Romance. Smut. Angst. Historical.
  • Length: Multi-chaptered. *complete*
  • Summary: It was quite simply, a mere distraction. The sex was a given because it was expected, but it had nothing at all to do with Lord Hyukjae’s plans. No, he was after something bigger.
  • Note: The author’s attention to detail is beautiful and the plot is wonderfully intricate  Admin Rhea
Past the Finish Line
  • Rating: PG-13.
  • Genre: AU. Romance. Action.
  • Length: Multi-chaptered. *complete*
  • Summary: Hyukjae is your average accountant with a fascination for fast cars. Somehow, after a rough night, he winds up in a blue third-generation Camaro with a guy named Donghae winking at him from outside his window. “Welcome to the world of street racing, Eunhyuk. Don’t forget to put your seatbelt on!” A gunshot sounds. “Have fun!”
  • Note: Interesting characterization and it’s all so very fun and addicting.  Admin Amy
Watch Over Me
  • Rating: G.
  • Genre: Family!AU. Romance. Fluff.
  • Length: Multi-chaptered. *incomplete*
  • Summary: Coming to the rescue of Lee Donghae, whose brother recently died in a car accident along with his wife, Hyukjae suddenly finds himself as the nanny of 6-year-old Kyuhyun and 4-year-old Jino.
  • Note: Pretty much love this to death because of the characters. As you can tell, if your characters are amazing and not obnoxiously flat or stock, then I will probably adore your story xD  Admin Amy

The Road to Redemption

  • Note: Because this is an AFF story, much of its information isn’t there… therefore I have none here. But I love this story because it’s definitely original in its own way and even I was caught off-guard at the plot - and I know my fair share of plots. I loved it, and guess what? It’s already completed. :) — Admin Amy

Eunhyuk; Hyukjae

  • Rating: PG.
  • Genre: (General.) NonAU. Romance. Fluff?
  • Length: One-Shot.
  • Summary: Eunhyuk is a part of Hyukjae—not the other way around.
  • Note: Just so beautiful. — Admin Amy

Ship O’hoy!

  • Rating: PG-13 - PG-15 (?)
  • Genre: AU. Romance. Friendship. Humor.
  • Length: Multi-chaptered. *complete*
  • Summary: As revenge for a harmless 1st of April prank, Heechul sends his two very straight best friends Donghae and Hyukjae on a couple cruise.
  • Note: Oh tai wan mei~ Just too funny to pass on. — Admin Amy

Running Blind With Eyes Wide Open

  • Rating: PG-13.
  • Genre: NonAU. Romance. Angst.
  • Length: Multi-chaptered. *incomplete*
  • Summary: There was a lifetime in each other, if they chose to see it.
  • Note: A EunHae classic, and it’s a classic for a reason. Beautiful. — Admin Amy
 One-Way Glass
  • Rating: PG.
  • Genre: Romance. Angst. Slice of life.
  • Length: One-Shot.
  • Summary: A look at the course of a relationship through the eyes of others.
  • Note: I don’t normally feel a lot of fics that has a pairing other than KyuMin but this…/sobs. This is so beautifully written and so heartbreaking. — Admin Alysa


Sick Little Games

  • Rating: PG-13 to NC-17.
  • Genre: High School!AU. Angst. Implied!Smut. Smut. Romance. Fluff.
  • Length: Multi-chaptered. *complete*
  • Summary: Sungmin is a playboy. But it’s not entirely his fault. Besides, it’s fun and it’s not like he’s hurting anyone, right?
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: This fic has been moved to this community that must be joined to read.

The Next Best Thing (sequel to Sick Little Games)

  • Rating: PG-13 to NC-17.
  • Genre: High School!AU. Romance. Implied!Smut. Smut. Angst.
  • Length: Multi-chaptered. *incomplete*
  • Summary: Once a playboy, always a playboy, right? Sungmin knows it’s too late for a do-over and to find true love, but maybe he can get the next best thing…
  • Note: This is my favorite fanfic ever ♥ regardless of pairing Admin Rhea
  • Note: I love this fic, too :D Favorite KyuMin fic ever. Sungmin and his dynamicness is just WOW-worthy  Admin Amy
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: This fic has been moved to this community that must be joined to read.

In the Nude

  • Rating: PG.
  • Genre: Crack.
  • Length: One-Shot.
  • Summary: Sungmin has a novel idea. Kyuhyun is not amused.
  • Note: This fic is beyond amusing. I literally read 3 times in a row because I like it so much.  Admin Rhea
  • Note: This fic is too adorable. — Admin Alysa
Social Links
  • Rating: unspecified but I’d say PG to PG-13.
  • Genre: AU. Action. Adventure. (I’d also add Supernatural).
  • Length: Multi-chaptered. *incomplete*
  • Summary: Mokpo welcomes the newly arriving Lee Sungmin after many years. And he is greeted by nearly having his face clawed off in the Dark Hour. Now used to these nightly happenings and excursions, he makes connections and strengthens them. His smiles are nicer nowadays.
  • Note: So very interesting and unique, an instant favorite once I read it.  Admin Amy

An Epic Quest to Find True Love | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 |

  • Rating: PG.
  • Genre: AU. Romance. Humor.
  • Length: Multi-chaptered. *complete* (the author doesn’t link the chapters so I’ve added them here)
  • Summary: Sungmin in banished from the land of Aegyo until he has found his one true love. He instead encounters a cowboy-esque stablehand, a Pokemon trainer, and aspiring campfire singers among them. And this is just the beginning.
  • Note: This story is hilarious and always cheers me up. Don’t be fooled by the summary! It’s well written, cute and quirky. I love it.  Admin Rhea

Paper Hearts

  • Rating: PG-15.
  • Genre: AU. Romance. Angst.
  • Length: Two-Shot.
  • Summary: His life has always been smooth sailing, has always been the textbook example of how someone should live—but ever since he met Kyuhyun, things have been turned upside down, and he can’t will himself to even want his old life back. “You think I want to be like this?” Sungmin’s jaw clenched. “Loving you has never been a choice!”
  • Note: This is the third SJ fic I ever read and I am thankful. This is the fic that actually got me into KyuMin and there are very little fics out there that tears at my heart the way this fic does. My words don’t do it justice. — Admin Alysa