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In case you wanted to learn more about the girls who run this blog…

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Amy, founder, retired

Hello! My name is Amy. I started this blog for those who began as I did - lost and confused when it came to fanfics. It was kind of hard to find them, so whenever I found lists with at least some recommendations, I cheered happily and giggled like a school girl. I still do.

My OTP is EunHae, and I adore KyuMin, which is why I cannot and do not read/recommend/write fics for pairings that romantically break up these two pairings. I do not recommend genderswitch because I do not deem it necessary and I feel as if it is not the same as the original couple. I do not recommend incest because it’s gross. And I do not recommend m-preg because it is impossible (for EunHae and KyuMin, that is) and those stories tend to be ridiculous.

I have a lot of other pet peeves when it comes to fanfiction, including the ones above. I don’t like taboo ideas in general (teacher/student, pedophile) or immoral ideas (rape). There are other ways to create drama in your fics, you guys… The only way I’d read them is if they had some really good theme/writing behind it. And yeah, as I was saying, I have a lot of pet peeves some general, others pertaining to certain fandoms.

I am picky with grammar and plot/development/characterization. So everything. But I do enjoy giving new authors with potential a chance at gaining more readers, therefore I will allow the occasional less-than-impressive fics if they have potential.

I also write most of the text posts (a.k.a. admin posts) on this blog because I’m a text post whore and I just like to talk a lot, and the other admins let me do it. Muahaha.

And yeah. I try to be nice and polite all the time to you guys, because I love you all~ Don’t be afraid of me, aha. (Personal blog.)

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Rhea, retired

Hi~ My name is Rhea! My OTPs are EunHae and KyuMin, of course, and I ship them obsessively. I’m not pick9 about who tops in EunHae, since that seems to be an issue in our fandom. HaeHyuk or HyukHae, both are fine with me :)

I do not read, and therefore will not recommend, genderswitch or m-preg fics for the same reasons as Amy. They are beautiful just the way they are! ♥

I’m a bit of a grammar nazi so I unfortunately don’t have a lot of patience for fics with poor grammar/spelling/etc. However, I’ll let a few mistakes slip, as long as the fic is interesting overall.

Umm… I don’t have much more to say. If you want to know more you can check out my personal blog or just ask me! I would love to talk to you and take any requests you might have ^^ Don’t be shy and feel free to ask for fics. That’s what I’m here for :)

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Hi ^^ My name is Alysa. Awkward is my specialty and I am really bad at introducing myself.

My bias is Sungmin though Kyuhyun is really tempting these few days. My OTP is KyuMin and I think EunHae is just too cute together. I read fics of all pairings but I try to refrain from Qmi or Wonkyu though I have nothing against Siwon and Zhoumi in particular. 

I have a low tolerance for bad grammar or spelling and I don’t really enjoy stories written from the first person pov or stories that uses genderswitch/rape/illnesses too ridiculously. Fics that are too unrealistic are a big no-no for me unless they are funny. I guess I am a bit picky when it comes to fics. XD

As you can see, I tend to ramble on a lot and I like to abuse the CAPSLOCK but I try to refrain from scaring people off with my hyper-activeness and affections. I enjoy talking to people so just drop me a message at my personal blog anytime. (:

Oh, and don’t be shy with your requests. I enjoy searching for new fics. :D

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Hello :D My name is Miyah, and I’ve known and read fanfics since six years ago /oh my how time flies!/. I’ve always wanted to be a part of a recommendation team, because I dedicate a lot of time reading and it’s nice to make it useful for other people :) Unfortunately my very first OTP was not in SuJu, actually far from that, but after I got to know them I started liking KyuMin and EunHae right away, my lovely OT4 <3

My bias is Sungmin and my favorite OTP is KyuMin, but I ship Sungmin with everybody and I enjoy reading fics with Min with other members as well.

I’m picky when it comes to read fanfics, especially to recommend them. I don’t like genderswitch/m-preg/dark (like explicit violence/rape/suicide), however I learned to enjoy some of them IF the writing is really really good, with nice plot, good characterization, acceptable grammar, etc. Because I believe everything has its exceptions, so I think is up to the author how to solve and deal with these strong themes, and how to write about it well. And also, I can let some grammar mistakes slip if the plot and writing are good. So in the end, all I care about is the writing really.

I think that’s about it, if you want to talk personally to me check my personal blog, don’t be shy, I’d like to befriends with all of you :) and I’d love to take requests and search for fics, like everyone here, I really love to read, so just ask and I’ll try to find some really good ones! :D

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Zai - has left the blog due to personal reasons, which the admins all respect. We’ll miss her a lot, and are thankful she chose to share this experience with us! 

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Hi ^^ My name’s Han, and I’ve been reading fanfics for a little over 4 years now :) I first came into Kpop by following other bands, and I’d always heard of Super Junior but I knew that it would be a big fandom to get into. Eventually I gave in though, and my first bias and OTP was Hanchul. It took a few more months before I noticed Kyumin; I actually read an amazing fic about them and then I was drawn in to them. And I haven’t been able to part from them since, and I even write about them now :D 

I’m a very, very picky reader, and I’m really harsh with grammar. If I read a fic with poor English it immediately throws me off and I usually set it aside.

I’m super friendly so don’t be afraid to ask questions! I’m totally honoured to be a part of this team, as I’ve followed them for a lonnnng time and practically idolised their hard work here. Hopefully I can fill the very big shoes left behind by the fantastic admins who have left us.  

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Hi I’m Alia and although i have only been an ELF for about a year now I’ve been reading fanfiction for a lot longer since that was how i found Super Junior.

Eunhyuk and Donghae are my bias’ and Kyuhyun comes a very close third. Eunhae is my OTP and i like both HaeHyuk and HyukHae.

I normally don’t read genderswitch so it is highly unlikely that i will recommend it. Other than that i will read most things so long as it has a happy ending (seriously, i can’t do sad endings). I can normally forgive a bit of bad grammar but only if the story is really good. 

Umm, I’m not great at introductions but I hope I can do a good job here and lets be friends :) If you want to talk to me don’t be shy and check out my personal blog whenever ^_^ I’m really excited to be doing this so don’t hold back with requests ^-^

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Hello you guys! My name is Laila, I’m 19 years old and it’s such an honor that after all the time I’ve been reading fanfics to be part of the admin staff to one of the best fic rec tumblrs out there. I’ve been reading fanfiction for 9 years now. That’s right since I was 10 years old. Why? Because I was always a kid that wasn’t happy with whatever pairing or situation the movie or series gave me. So that’s how I ended up in the fandom life.  I’ve been an ELF for a year now and even though I haven’t been in this fandom for long,  I’ve been in the fandom life for longer than that as I have mentioned before.

My OTP is Eunhae and I love Kyumin but I do ship many other super junior ships and I read fanfics from all those (yewook, kangteuk, kangmin, hanchul, etc.) I multiship the super junior members with an exception of eunhae and I only ship Sungmin with Kyuhyun or Kangin. I usually prefer not reading mpreg fanfics just as other admins here or a fanfic where they turn one of the guys into a girl and suddenly the other guy is falling head over heels with the girl version (basically genderswitch).  I love fanfics where Siwon gets in between Eunhae or if he’s the bad guy. I don’t really read crack!fics or comedy!fics. I love mental disorder/psychological fanfics, but those are pretty scarce. 

I’m really, really low tolerance with bad grammar and syntax. Rushing things in the plot is a no no for me. I like a good fanfic that takes things to the pace it should, slow but it totally makes you want that moment more and more.  I love good characterization, so if the author suddenly makes drastic changes to the guys personalities, I instantly stop reading. But if it’s required and the story does show potential, then I do give it a chance. If the grammatical errors are minimal then I also give it a chance. If the plot is too rushed, I stop reading. I hate that when the couple gets together that’s practically it for the fic. These are a few of the reasons why I won’t be recommending twenty fics per day, because I don’t want to waste anyone’s time with bad fanfiction. I prefer only recommending one or two fics, but these two being really good ones. 

 I hope that the fics I recommend are of your liking and if not please feel free to tell me what kind of fics you would like to see here! c: I’m open to suggestions and recommendations, so don’t be afraid, my friend. I’m a very open and friendly person, so feel free to ask me something either here or in my personal blog.

This got quite long, sorry! I can only hope to do a quarter of the great job that the past admins did and I hope we can all work together to recommend the best fics! I promise to look at all the fics you suggest! Thank you for the warm welcome and let’s work well together. c: