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We are so sorry darlings, but as it is said in our about us page, we don’t recommend Genderswitch fics. And I don’t really read genderwitch fics, so even if we recommended them, I wouldn’t be of much help. Sorry! :c - Admin Laila

Anonymous sent: Hi 😊do you happen ton know any good cheating eunhae fics?

Let me link you to this post that has a few,  I just read one this past week called ‘Marital Affairs' and it's pretty good too! I love cheating fanfics but it's pretty hard to come across eunhae ones and good ones for the matter. So I hope I helped. If I think of some more, I'll add them here. :) - Admin Laila ^.^

Kyumin Fanfic Recommendation

Title: Ripples
Rating: PG-13.
Genre: Romance. Friendship. Supernatural. AU.
Length: Multi-Chaptered Complete.
Summary: It was an event that was to Sungmin something completely inconsequential that would ultimately begin what he would later call the greatest adventure of his life.

(Note: I started reading it a few days ago and just… wow. I love the stories where an author truly creates an alternate world and covers every little thing, and it just makes you feel as if the universe truly existed. This author did a great job with the story and the details. I truly recommend this story and hope you enjoy it as much as I did. This has become one of my favorite stories of all times. Literally. It has had me crying, smiling and loudly giggling. Thank you so much to  for recommending it! ^^  — Admin Laila)

Anonymous sent: Hello :D i read this story about donghae and sungmin being prostitutes and eunhyuk is a medical (?) shop employee? I forgot the name of the story and I really want to read it again.

Hi ^_^ the fic you’re looking for is Heart-Shaped Box by emii_vipelf. If that’s not what you’re after, let us know :) - Admin Han

Anonymous sent: I want to find two kyumin fics I've been searching forever for: One is this fic in which Sungmin is an artist with a rich but estranged father, and one day Kyuhyun – his father's employee or something – comes over his house and stays for a while. Second is this one in which Sungmin is a bookshop owner, and Kyuhyun just comes in one day and Kyuhyun is some rich guy, sorry details are fuzzy please help I'm so desperate >///<

Hi! Yes, I know what you’re talking about :3 
The fic with Sungmin as an artist is Of Ink and Clay by Adriatic.
The second was a fic is called Suddenly The Air Smells Much Greener Now by Gamia. Thankyou to vic_aino for telling us :) - Admin Han

Anonymous sent: Question is the story "The definition of music" by dearyoongi not on asianfanfics anymore??? Where can I find it? Anyways, I was the one that sent the long message about it since I couldn't remember the name >//< I remembered it now (LOL) Thanks for help!!

I’m so sorry I didn’t answer your message. I did know which fanfic you were talking about but since I was looking for an alternate link (because I knew it wasn’t available on AFF anymore) I didn’t want to answer without one. But even if I’ve been looking for one, I still haven’t been able to find where to read it other than AFF. I’m so sorry, darling. I’ll try to find the author and ask what happened. I’ll keep looking and edit the response if I find anything. Thank you for your patience!

- Admin Laila

Anonymous sent: hi :) do you know community of eunhae fanfiction on livejournal that still active ^^ ? thank you <3

Sure thing! I know some :) 

  • HyukHae
  • Miracle
  • Hae-Hyuk (which is what the name says, not eunhae but haehyuk; meaning dominant!donghae and submissive!eunhyuk)

If I remember more, I’ll edit the post and add them :) 

- Admin Laila ^^

Eunhae Fanfic Recommendation

Title: 100 moments
Rating: PG.
Genre: Romance. Fluff.
Length: Drabble(s).
Summary: A look at 100 random moments in the lives of Donghae and Eunhyuk from their 1st year together. Told in 100-word drabbles.  Ratings for each drabble will vary.

(Note: So freaking cute! ^^ Hope you enjoy them as they progress. - Admin Laila.)

EunHae Fanfic Recommendation

Title: Beautiful Wolf
Rating: PG-13 (so far).
Genre: Supernatural. Romance. AU.
Length: Multi-Chaptered Incomplete.
Summary: Wolves are told to be wild and dangerous, animals that most people should fear. But Hyukjae can’t help being fascinated by these imposing creatures, and most particularly by one blue-eyed wolf. Something about him keeps drawing him in – something almost human.

(Note: Just like with the last fanfic rec, this is also another story that has me so hooked and that I’m eagerly waiting for updates. The descriptions of everything are so good! And the author makes you want to be there because of how good she describes everything. I have a feeling that this is going to be one of my favorites of all times, but we still have many chapters ahead of us (or so I hope hihi). I hope you enjoy it as much as me!— Admin Laila)

EunHae Fanfic Recommendation

Title: The Key To Fulfillment
Rating: R.
Genre: Fluff. Romance. Drama. Angst. Smut. AU.
Length: Multi-Chaptered Incomplete.
Summary: I knew deep down in my bones that this wasn’t just an infatuation.  We were connected spiritually.  My reality and my universe completely revolved around the kindred soul I called my boyfriend, my lover, and my family.  I knew I wanted to be with this beautiful man for eternity.

(Note: There has been sometime since I expected the next chapter of a story so eagerly and this story has been achieving it. I’m really hooked with the story even if it has your typical clichés but man, it’s so interesting and the dynamic between the characters is really good (I really love the dynamic between a group of people in stories). So I hope you give it a try!

(Note 2: I’m so sorry that I have been so absent guys, I do have fics to recommend but first my laptop had to go back to the mac store, and I’m actually going through a really hard time that I totally forgot my duties here. I’m so sorry and I promise it won’t happen again. ^^) — Admin Laila