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pjinchannie sent: hi!! i've been searching for a fic, i think it has been recommended on this, donghae was mute and hyukjae is his boyfriend and is a dancer and one time they fought because donghae was jealous of hyukjae's partner and hyukjae accidentally tossed donghae's notebook out of anger,, i hope you cluld really help me!!! :))

I think you’re looking for Perfection :) It’s a great fic, I think I was the one that recommended it. Sorry for the delay, dear! - Admin Laila

Anonymous sent: Hi. Please help me. I read this fic 3 or 4 years ago. Its name was Rain. i loved this fic so much but i couldn't find it again, maybe the author delete it. In this fic, hae(girl) and hyuk were bestfriends since childhood. They loved each other but didn't tell. Later, hae decided to marry kibum. On the day before wedding, hae said to hyuk that she would run away if it rained the next day. And it really rained. Hae ran way to china for 2 years. When she came back, hyuk was about to marry min(girl)

I’m sorry my dear I don’t know this fanfic! And since we don’t recommend genderswitch fics here I’m guessing the other admins don’t know it either. But if anyone wants to help this anon, go ahead. :) - Admin Laila

belgexotic sent: Hello! A long time ago, I sent you a request about a fanfic I've wanted to read again but I didn't find it... I think my request got lost because I've never saw it in your tumblr. Anyways, I just found it, yay! It's called Chremastistophiliac by emii_vipelf on AFF (Eunhae, just in case you will want to read it~)

Maybe it did get lost, darling. We’re so sorry! But thanks for your kindness and your interest on getting others to read such a good fic. ;) And it’s by one of my favourite authors. So here you go guys ^^ - Admin Laila

1shah sent: Hey, I'm sorry if you already have done this, but could you make a list with only Haehyuk. I don't know if it's just me but I can't make the tumblr app to filter it so posts with the tag Haehyuk comes up :/

Hi there :) I’m afraid the only way to use the tags on mobile is to go into your browser because the mobile app doesn’t filter specific blogs with tags. - Admin Alia

Kyumin Fanfic Recommendation

Title: Patient, M.D.
Rating: PG-13.
Genre: AU. Angst.
Length: Multichaptered.
Summary: Sungmin is a doctor. He also has cancer.

(Note: I’m a sucker for angst, especially when it’s as well-written as this. It’s subscriber-locked, so you’ll have to subscribe to read it, but it’s soooo worth it. Everything about this was so beautiful and this author is really becoming one of my favorites. — Admin Han)

Kyumin Requests/Searching for specific stories version 2

Hey guys so since we failed our followers in finding these stories, would you mind helping them find the stories they crave for? I’m about to do an Eunhae one which is my forte. I do read Kyumin but I’m pretty sure that there are people who read way more kyumin than me. So please help is out? Thank you! - Admin Laila

sakura2838 sent: I have a question! I've been looking around for quite some time now and I truly can't remember, do you remember a fic where (I assumed it was Eunhae?) it was about gods and mortals and it was beautifully and eloquently written! At the time it did not have much chapters (although I'd say it's been about a year now?) and had Donghae as a mortal (I believe? He was running for some reason) and Taemin was in it as well, visiting an old man who gave him a trinket. It was from AFF, thank you so much!

Not a weird request at all, darling! I have read a fic about gods and mortals once and it’s called Beyond the Skies but I don’t know (and think) it’s the one you’re looking for. If it’s not, does anyone know which fic this cutie is looking for? Please help her?- Admin Laila

elf31 sent: I'm unabla to make an account on AFF. I've tried it so many times and whenever i'm finally done with the entire signing-up procedure the site again shows me as a guest :( I cant read those subscriber fictions and its so frustrating..I've also tried it after clearing my cache and cookies but failed. Please help me :(

Even after you tried logging in? We aren’t really familiar with particular cases, but what I could help you with is make an account for you and give you the username and password as soon as I create it. That’s the only solution I can think of for the moment. 

How about you send us the email you want to use and I’ll sign you up and see if it works? - Admin Laila. 

Anonymous sent: i ask you before but you don't answer my question :(. Do you know author for KyuMin in AFF write in the same level in factions like author ( topsyhobby ) or (paperhunter) ? i adore theirs FF so i always want to read FF in the same level they wrote. even if it's FF not author it's okay as long as is something interesting and in the same level they wrote^^

I’m so sorry dear, we didn’t receive your question. I’m guessing it got lost when you sent it.

I love topsyhobby! Masquerade is one of my favorite kyumin fanfics :) And sure I know some.

EclecticInkling: She wrote ‘Ripples’ that as I said when I recommended it, it’s one of my most favorite fanfics. Literally it’s on my list. (The list of my favorite fanfics from all the fandoms I’ve been in.)

- Veezhi: Great stories and great way with words. 

I know many more but allow me to link you to a post that we made a few months ago that had our favorite authors. It has an explanation on why we chose them as our favorites. Hope it helps! - Admin Laila ^^

Anonymous sent: Hii, i hope you could help me find a fic? It's where hyuk was a rebel in high school and one day the school sent him to serve community work at a mental hospital. then he found hae and became friends with him after much difficulty, and he also found out hae was really good at maths, and later on hae taught hyuk and they both entered an olympiad. at the end hae was sent to another hospital and eventually passed away. I hope you could help me please? thanks in advance! i love your blog too btw :>

I have a feeling you’re talking about The Blue of the Sky on Rainy Day. Hope it is this one, if it’s not please go ahead and tell us. c: - Admin Laila